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This is the official web site of Goldex Technology Company / Goldex Informtion Technology Ltd and you should be aware that information or messages displayed in other web sites related to our Company may not represent our standpoints and no accuracy of such information is gauranteed. You may e-mail to us for any enquiries, contributions, or suggestions at
All information, pictures, programs, etc. on this site are provided as reference for clients/users with the latest news and support on Yuanfang software, which contents are mostly kept update-to-date and accurate. All copyrights and trades marks are owned by their respective Owners. Unless stated otherwise, anyone who has not obtained the consent from the Owners cannot copy or redistribute any contents, partly or whole, on this web without remarks to the copyright owners. Our Company reserves the legal rights to claim from any bodies against it.
The updated patches on this site are supplied by Yuanfang Computer Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (our software vendor) after their testing and our evaluation. However, this does not guarantee that all patches are sent with integrity or work without defects in all computer environments. Users agree to indemnify our Company from any responsibilities for all losses, directly or indirectly, incurred from installing the patches provided here. If not, we advise you not to install any programs obtained from this web. Should anyone have any queries about the use of patches, please contact us first.
This web site might create links with web sites provided by other companies. We cannot guarantee the stability and frequency for update of such sites, including its contents and downloads provided.
All information collected via form filling of this web site for enquiries, software download, updates download, product purchase, event application, etc. will be used for the said purpose and will not transfer or sell to other 3rd company.
We have the right to amend and update this Disclaimer from time to time.
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