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Professional 3D Interior Design & Presentation Software
InteriCAD T6 is the new range of software from developed on the basis of interior designers' working procedure. It enables a general user with basic computer knowledge to do professional 3D interior design in no hesitation.
With about 30 hours of intensive training, users shall get used to most functions the software. Within 1 hour, an experienced user shall be able to accomplish the professional and realistic 3D design which can be presented in form of 3D model design, rendered pictures, animation, and working drawings (DWG format). What is more important is the free design platform lets you do any of your own created design.
T6 light effect
3D Structure – InteriCAD T6 has user-friendly interface, professional interior design tool and structure parameter setting. These enable drawing 2D floor plan, editing and generating 3D image. It is perfectly matched with designers' working procedure!
3D CAD System – InteriCAD T6 provides a CAD system, which is quite similar to AutoCAD but comes with lots of simplified steps to build 3D models for interior design purposes, such as stairs, walls, doors and windows, ceilings, etc. Also, the file made is natively in DWG format. That means you can exchange the files with other AutoCAD users.
Ceiling – Designer only need to draw the shape of the ceiling. The powerful ceiling function will create 3D ceiling with recess-down lights, if required.
Floor – Just a few mouse clicks and parameters setting, designer can create floor in tiers, slab and even stairs in various arc shape!
Kitchen Design – A built-in kitchen design system provides quick and hassle-free function to build the whole kitchen. You may select any kitchen components to construct your ideal design, and also modify any board and structure, install any sink, strove, worktop, etc. as to fit your needs.
Furniture Design – Construct your own furniture with mouse clicks and figures only. Here you can use the furniture design functions to build any board-type furniture, define any thickness of every board, specify the use of drawers or doors and change the use of handles.
Tile Design – Make your own tile design in InteriCAD T6 for walls, floors, or any flat surface. You can create floor with boarderline design, any shape for combination of tiles as you like. Also, report for quantity will be ready in seconds for all the tiles you applied. What you need is a JPG file of your tile.
Elevation Decoration – Elevation decoration like wall paintings, partition, wall niche, fireplace ...... can be easily created in InteriCAD T6.
Library – More than 3000 furniture models and materials are available in InteriCAD T6! Designer can add new models into the library and edit it as prefer. More importantly, you can visit the cloud library and download any branded items completely free of charge. All downloaded material will be installed into the library system automatically and you can find it for any next use easily.
Virtual Reality – As the core technology of InteriCAD T6, Virtual Reality embraces world's leading Radiosity and Raytrace technology. It enables designers to walk-through in vivid 3D scene and get "real" design result.
Material – Material edit can be realized by simple drag-and-drop operation. Just put any material into the design by preparing your own scanned material in JPG format or select any colour in the palete. By setting few parameters, designers can easily present various materials: metal, glass, leather, wood, oil paint ...... and even complicated models as plants can be made by material setting.
Lighting – In Virtual Reality of InteriCAD T6, we use real light source. Wattage and light source type can be modified by parameters setting. Then let InteriCAD T6 do the rest for you to present the real lighting effect. It is easy as your wish and better than you expect.
Rendering – A powerful virtual reality enables designers to have walk-through before and after render. Photo-realistic images, panorama and even animation can be easily made in InteriCAD.
See more sample drawings created by our users, please click here.


Suggested requirements
Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
i3 (2 cores)
i5 (4 cores)
i7 (4 cores)
4 GB
4 GB
8 GB
Display card
GeForce independent graphic card with 1 GB RAM (AMD is also compatible)
10 GB (Additional 6 GB for swop disk)
DVD ROM (for installation)
Remarks 1. Network version / network render would require stable performance of local network (connected with LAN cable)
2. Better configuration for Photon Map is required. (e.g. CPU: i5 / i7 with 4 cores or above)
3. Performance will depend on the complexity of file




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