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Suitable for all industries for 2D working drawings
Fully compatible with AutoCAD 2.5 - 2017 files
Increditably Low Price -
Professional software for making standard DWG as native file format at affordably low price (Commercial or individual users - HK$1,580).
  Genuine Software of Your Choice -
Avoiding using copied or illegal version with risk and functional problems, BtoCAD serves one of the best substitute software products available on the market for creating 2D drawings.
  No Additional Training -
The usage of BtoCAD is identical to that of AutoCAD®, no additional training is required for AutoCAD users. More than that, the file created by BtoCAD is perfectly compatible with any version of AutoCAD (up to ver. 2017).
  High Applicability -
Available in Traditional / Simplified Chinese and English version in the same installation CD for selection, it is suitable for schools, self-learning, and all industries that require doing working drawings.
    Free upgrade -
Provide free upgrade to BtoCAD 2015 from BtoCAD 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009.
Sample workflow: - Download: -
DWG file of home drawing (created by BtoCAD, 277KB)
Office drawing DWG file of office drawing (created by BtoCAD, 135KB)
    Catalog (PDF format) (download Acrobat Reader if you don't have)
Original License
The basis of BtoCAD is from the CAD platform from ITC, the international alliance of CAD technologies. YFCAD as the BtoCAD developer owns the copy right for the full software with enhanced development and improvement.
Technologies at the international standard  
Developed by CAD professionals and experts from over 30 countries and used by over hundred thousand professionals from the world, the development of BtoCAD serves to unlash design style with the guaranteed quality.
Low cost with high quality  
BtoCAD includes all functions for working drawing available from AutoCAD but the price is much lower than AutoCAD LT®. It is suitable for all industries that requires 2D working drawings, e.g. interior design, building and construction, fire services, automobile, mechanics, etc.
High compatibility  
The usage of BtoCAD is the same as that of AutoCAD, users need not to adapt or learn again on the use of BtoCAD. It also supports the menu and command of AutoCAD and can open directly the existing dwg file for modification.
Additional model building tools & libraries  
Provides a series of quick-to-make and easy-to-operate model building tool to create drawings for interior design. Coupled with the build-in furniture library (about 3,400 qty.) in plan and elevation view for your direct use and modifying the size, you can create 2D drawing in very short time. You may also include your own drawing library into the library collection for future use. (Remark)
** Free online program update  
Provides free software update for the same vesion. Simply get your computer connected to the Internet and you'll be notified by the system automatically when there is newer update. See Details.
Includes all drafting tools available from AutoCAD, it is easy to create any complex 2D drawings.
Creates file of the standard DWG format, support the file of DWG and DXF, version from 2.5 to 2017. It supports the use of AutoCAD command and line type (LIN), hatch (PAT), slide (SLD), and unit (UNT).
Supports multi-drawing interface. It allows opening more than 200 drawing files concurrently for editing. Each file can maintain the individual properties. Users can work on copy, cut, and paste between drawing files without interruptions to other files.
Supports browsing and exporting file of WMF, EMF, and SLD format, also allows showing raster image of BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, etc. Such raster image can also be insert to DWG file.
Views files containing 3D solid objects and supports actions of move, zoom, and rotate.
You can save your own print style tables (.ctb and .stb files) to fit every use.
Manages External References for better managing different drawings.
Supports unlimited times of Undo and Redo on drawings and convenient way for viewing drawing, such as enlarge, reduce, zoom, etc.
Saves your own profiles with all settings you prefer.
Self-defined function list, toolbar to fit users' unique style.
Developed on the basis of the actual experience of the international and local interior design industry, BtoCAD provides the intelligent drafting tools to assist you in creating working drawings in very short time.
Designs with the logical workflow to meet the needs on every step for working drawings. It saves lots of time for complicated and integrated working drawings to enhance the design efficiency.
You may create grid line easily (line and arc) and built wall, column, door, window, etc. on the basis of grid line to create the drawing immediately. It also comes with professional presentation of building dimensions, text tool and drawing frame.
Built-in professional library for working drawings and the "search" function for easy searching from any keywords. You may just type the related words and select the suitable library for direct insertion. (Remark)
You can also create their own drawings and include into the library system for future direct application and free size changing. You will find BtoCAD can save lots of time for repeated steps for drawings. (Remark)
BtoCAD vs AutoCAD
BtoCAD 2015
AutoCAD 2017
AutoCAD DWG and DXF file support
Ver. 2.5~2017
AutoCAD commands support
Open multiple drawings
Explore(layer, block, linetype)
Unlimited undo / redo
Right-click to edit properties of multi-entity
Visualize menu, toolbar, short-cut key configuration
SHX and TrueType font
Microsoft® ActiveX® embedding and editing
Script Editor
Preview drawing and block
Raster image
Support multi-layout
Auto LIPS (includes DCL)
AutoCAD Development System(ADS)
Object ARX
AutoCAD 3D Surface
ACIS 3D solid
Recommended requirements
- Operating System Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 / 64 bit)
- CPU Core 2 Duo or above
- RAM 1 GB or above
- Hard disk space min. 500MB
(The above recommendation is for reference only, the actual requirements will depend on the file size working on.)
License information
- License duration: never expired
- Number of computer installed: any
- The USB hardware lock supplied with the software must be connected to computer before and during the use of BtoCAD.
- If the USB hardware lock is lost, you need to purchase the full software again.
~ Quick model drafting tool and furniture library is only available in Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese version.


Some shots of library collections of BtoCAD, in Traditional Chinese version
(Click the word description to enlarge the picture)

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