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An Innovative Way to Sell & Design Kitchen Cabinet


created by KD Max


KD Max 6.0 is an easy-to-operate sales and kitchen design system software made specifically for the kitchen cabinet industry. It is created for salespersons of kitchen cabinets to impress clients and to ease their daily sales and design works. Users of KD Max need not to have proficient computer knowledge, a one-day training is more than enough for general users.

With the use of KD Max, your salesperson / designers can create a "virtual" kitchen in about 10 minutes, including "real" photos in any angle, quotation (or cost estimate), and working drawings. As the ideal kitchen is presented clearly, misunderstanding between your staff members and clients during any stages of design process can be minimized.


Simply get the basic kitchen size and layout from your clients and start immediately designing the kitchen by selecting numerous built-in collection of cabinets and kitchen equipment. Replace and change any cabinets, styles, and accessories in seconds if you clients change their minds for the design. Within about 10 minutes, the whole kitchen designed from scratch is ready for presentation. After final modification you can prepare the quotation and output the working drawings in standard DWG format to manufacturer by some mouse clicks (including individual plan and different sides of elevation drawings).

KD Max comes with rendering tool and series of kitchen library. It just requires running on Windows® platform. In addition, a software of BtoCAD is included in KD Max for automatic generation of working drawings after placing all cabinets. All dimensions on working drawings are automatically built and you can add any labels and remarks as you like.

** The use and file format of BtoCAD is similar to that of AutoCAD LT® that you can create any 2D working drawings.


Functions and Features:

~ Create rendered photos, quotation, and working drawings in one go (individual plan and elevation views)
~ Set you cost estimate in manual mode or automatic mode according the use of material and cabinet, and export the details to MS Excel for further modification as you need
~ Outline the shape of kitchen with any columns and beams easily as well as build any water pipes to meet the actual needs
~ Provide different built-in templates of kitchen style for direct selection
~ Include numerous selection of kitchen cabinets, doors, handles, and equipment and size can be set as you need
~ Library includes various types of sinks, range hoods, cookware, culinary utensils, taps, washing machines, refrigerators, lighting equipment, decorative items, etc.
~ Click one icon for making worktops, countertop, cabinet stands, toekick, etc. automatically with your selected style
~ Add any of your own material in jpg format and change the texture and color of your kitchen design that compliments your clients' cabinetry, floor, wallpaper or paint selection by a drag-and-drop method
~ Adopt the 5th generation of virtual reality technology for rendered pictures at the photo quality
~ Run on Windows® platform only for a complete system
1. Create the shape of kitchen with door and window   2. Select a decoration style template
3. Define door type, handle style, and related settings, etc.   4. Insert cabinet and accessories in 3D scene
5. Change the size and cabinet type   6. View the dream kitchen in minutes and change the color scheme in some seconds
7. Check the quote immediately (optionally export to MS Excel for modification)   8. Create DWG working drawing in a second (select different views)
Change the use of texture / color scheme in seconds
Recommended Requirements:
~ Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
~ Intel® Duo CoreTM or above (CPU i5 / i7 with 4 cores or above is preferred for Photon Render)
~ 4 GB RAM or above
~ Geforce independent display card (AMD is also compatible)
~ 10 GB free hard disk space (additional 1 GB for swop disk, install KD Max on SSD can enhance the performance in speed)


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