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InteriCAD is the innovative interior design software which is specifically developed to meet the needs of interior designers and the decoration industry for working drawings, realistic 3D image presentations in photos quality, and virtual walk through within a building.

It includes modeling tool and render engine as the complete solution for many thousands of designers over the world. Put your design concepts in the virtual environment before actually building it. InteriCAD can help you make your design ideas come true in an effective way during any stage of your design process. It is also a powerful communication tool to let you and your clients have a clear picture on what is to be done without confusion.

The newest version InteriCAD 7000 allows you to create the residential design in 10 minutes by using an intelligent modeling module, which can convert 2D drawings to 3D models in seconds with just some mouse clicks. The pre-customized design templates, made with your unique style of look-and-feel, help to expedite the design process. The new VR engine makes your life easier by providing quick and high quality radiosity and ray trace effects.

A module for creating board furniture is included in InteriCAD 7000 for easy model building. You don't need to know any 3D commands but can easily create cabinets, office desks, etc. in some minutes. The pre-set commands for drawers, doors, erect clapboard, shelf clapboard, door board, etc. allow for forming cabinets of any styles step-by-step. More than that, the elevation and section drawing of cabinet can be exported directly in DWG format. Therefore, concern is also made on edge seal segment design and detailed dimensions during the design of board furniture.

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Benefits of using InteriCAD:
Minimizes misunderstanding with customers by providing the "real" outcomes before the works done.
Modifies any drawings easily without repeated works.
Creates your own furniture and decoration of your needs.
Displays your furniture with unlimited virtual show rooms.



What can you do with InteriCAD?
View your "ideal design" from any angles in JPG or BMP pictures.
Get the "real" scene with 3D panoramic view.
Produce a virtual walk through animation (AVI video).
Present photos with 3D look-and-feel by wearing 3D glasses.
Advantages of InteriCAD:  
Easy-to-operate, the intuitive usage design helps you learn it in about twenty hours.
Based on the AutoCAD® technology with greatly simplified operation, you just need to learn the simple technics of drawing lines and shapes for creating furniture and 3D models as you like.
Enables you to create any furniture models and build up your own library for future use.
Assigns and adjusts different light effects easily, e.g. sunlight, spot light, and general lighting to make the realistic scene.
Allows the drag-and-drop move to change the texture on any model. You can also include any pictures in JPG of your own as the texture on any models.
Includes built-in design templates for direct application, speeding up your design process. You can also create as many as design templates of your own.
Provides the automatic settings to define parameters of many materials for direct selection, e.g. wood, metal, water, plastic, glass, wallpaper, cloth, etc. , simply select the material you need and it is done.
Gets photos with radiosity and ray trace in plan view, isometric view, elevation view, and perspective view in 1 mouse click. You can also freely get any snapshot by using fish-eye camera.
Outputs as many as photos in the same scene by one command.
Comes with thousands of library models for selection, saving your time.
It is compatible with 3D Max and AutoCAD® models. You can import the drawing into InteriCAD for further modificatin and rendering.
Enrichs your design by getting the constantly updated 3D models any time from the online 3D model store in low price (approx. 1-5 dollars for each model and texture picture is free of charge).
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Hide plot lines for any 2D and 3D views:  
Hand-sketch like pictures (with or without texture pattern):
Suggested requirements
Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 bit)
2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 (Full version,32 bit)
i3 2-core
i5 4-core
i7 4-core
4 GB
4 GB
8 GB
Display card
Geforce independent display card (AMD is also compatible)
4 GB (Additional 1 GB for swop disk)
DVD ROM (for installation)
Remarks 1. Network version / network render would require stable performance of local network (connected with LAN cable)
2. Better configuration for Photon Map is required. (e.g. CPU: i5 / i7 with 4 cores or above)
3. Performance will depend on the complexibility of file.



Training materials
Online 3D models
Updates in 7000
Additional lib:Vol 2
Additional lib:Vol 3
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Vol 5, 6, 7 ...


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